Things to do in the Algarve

Historical Monuments


The Algarve is best known for the beautiful beaches and fair weather. But there is another Algarve, the historical Algarve.

Portugal is one the oldest countries in Europe and has had the same borders since the XIII century. Before that, the Islamic rule, since the VIII century, left many monuments as well. No wonder then that you can find many monuments to explore, when you leave the beach at the end of the afternoon.

Here are just a few examples of what you can find:

Castro Marim Castle


Located in the town of Castro Marim, about 40 miles from Faro, this castle is considered one of the best examples of medieval military architecture in Portugal.

Lagos Castle


Just 5 miles from Faro, Lagos boasts one of the best conserved castles of the Algarve. Lagos was always a heavily defended city, because it was the target of many Moorish attacks.

Santa Maria do Castelo Church

Portugal is very rich in religious monuments. Santa Maria do Castelo in Tavira, just 20 miles from Faro, is an old church, which dates back to the XIII century.

How can you possible see all these monuments?

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