Perfect for your sand and sea vacations

If you are a fan of beach holidays, you can’t ignore the Algarve.

Algarve is a small, but very rich, part of Portugal; dead south from the UK, at the very point where Europe starts to meet the great African continent. This particular location ensures that the warm waters from the Mediterranean sea shower the sandy white beaches all year round.

Algarve – Europe’s West Coast

It may seem an exaggeration to compare the Algarve with California. But when it comes to sunny weather all year round, you can say it without reservation!

Algarve’s coastline boasts over 100 miles of beaches to choose from. Just imagine the freedom you have, and the possibilities! If you find a beach that’s just too crowded you can just hop back into your car and go explore for another one. Chances are, you can always find a secret, beautiful beach, in which you can soak up the sun without being bothered. And you can’t say that about other holiday destinations!

These are some of the best known Algarve Beaches:

Montegordo: Today an international center for holiday makers, best known for the warm waters, but once a simple fishermen village. It has a casino nearby, and multiple water activities for all the family.

Vilamoura: With urban beach characteristics, Vilamoura Beach is very accessible and has all the commodities you can which for nearby.

Oura (Albufeira): Albufeira is a well know village, which has a multitude of restaurants, bars and water parks nearby. You can easily rent a villa or an apartment here (if you plan ahead). Secluded Praia da Oura is one of the best beaches in this region.

Lagos: With caves and unparallel natural beauty, the beaches around Lagos are unique, specially if you endulge in boat trips to explore them fully.

Feeling the urge to explore all these beaches?

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